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What is photography? What is so special about photography?

You can ask this question a million different people and the reply they give will never be one and the same.

Photography to me is about perception, feeling, depth and emotion.

It's about capturing a moment, a tiny split second that is just so special and breath taking that words would never do it justice.


And this is what fascinates me about photography to this day. With each  new photo shoot comes new adventure, new possibilities, new ideas and challenges.


Because the lenses of a camera capture that which is invisible to the human eye. Us, humans, are capable of great things, but, often our eyesight leaves a lot to be desired and fails to notice little, microscopic details that float around in the air. Professional photography allows us to see those things as clearly as if they were right in front of us. That's why each moment is special, that's why each moment is unrepeatable and that's why each day brings new experiences and awakens in you such depth of emotions you never thought possible.

I never understood when people talked like that about their passions or hobbies until I got a hold of a camera myself. And I've been hooked ever since. Because it allowed me to see and experience that which I had never before.


We are Timperley based business offering services in Fashion , Events,Landscape and Wedding photography.


For wedding service we have a separate website www.jackesweddings.co.uk , so please jump in there 

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Operating on the highest quality equipment and working in a friendly, homely atmosphere we guarantee you will be a 100% satisfied with your adventure if you choose to hire us.


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